Exceptional quality horse care and stable management are the top priorities at Pink Coat. Large, deep bedded stalls with attached 90′ crusher rock paddocks provided to the boarders. An additional 10′ overhang provides the horses with dry, safe, and comfortable living areas. Large seasonal turnout pastures are also available to the horses for private or group turnout! The horses are fed three times a day, all feedings are overseen by Jen or Petra. Feeders are mature and responsible. Horses are fed free choice haylage as well as local and alfalfa hay, we believe horses should never be out of hay! Grain is provided AM and PM after the horses have been fed their hay.

Full Board $1050

Full Board – owner supplies desired grain and supplements $950

Full Board and Full Training $1700

Semi-full $750

Semi-full Board and Full Training $1375

Allison guarding the barn entrance
Lexington 70
Lexington 70
Boarder’s barn – Dry paddocks in the middle of winter!

All boarders are required to take at least one lesson a week. Jen is an Equestrian Canada Competition Coach Specialist, as well as a German FN IV. Lesson and training programs are tailored to you and your horse’s needs. Jen specializes in hunter, jumper, and equitation horses. However, Jen has experience up to small tour dressage in Europe, and has vast knowledge of both disciplines!

Private Lessons $75

Group Lessons $50

*All prices are subject to GST

Sir Royal’s stall front TBird
Show tent after a couple weeks at Tbird
Finale and Petra



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